The good news of today is that our grant application with Prof. Ji Li for the Polish-Chinese cooperation (within the Sheng competition) has been qualified for financing!


Today I had the pleasure of participating in the ceremony of conferring the honorary doctorate of the Warsaw University of Technology on my friend from school, Professor Andrzej Strójwąs. It was an exciting journey back in time. Congratulations Andrzej!


Today, the first in the new term meeting of the Scientific Council of the Center for Molecular and Macromolecular Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences (CBMiM PAN) took place, at which I was unanimously elected Chairman of the Council. I would like to thank all members for their trust and election to this honorable position. I will do my best to fulfill the hopes placed on my skills.


Dear Colleagues, A plethora of applications of chemical and biochemical molecules, ranging from the medical use of small molecule drugs through complicated bio-vaccines to material design, cannot be achieved without a deep understanding of the processes involved in their preparation and action. This can be achieved nowadays via both experimental as well as theoretical studies. In this Special Issue, we would like to focus on the latest developments in the area of studying (bio)reaction mechanisms. Consequently, we look forward to collecting original research reports, as well as reviews of recent progress and perspectives from experts in the field. Prof. Dr. Piotr Paneth Guest Editor


As a part of the ISI-Isotopes2022 conference, one of the sessions was dedicated to my 70th birthday. My deepest thanks go to everyone who contributed to the organization of this touching and unforgettable event.


as part of the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, I am preparing a special collection entitled “State-of-the-Art Biochemistry in Poland”. I invite interested persons to visit the website or contact me directly. volume_up content_copy share star_border